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What Store Owners Are Dealing With

 The retail industry brought in around $4 trillion in 2019, employing nearly 52 million in the U.S. Shoppers crave the social aspect of walking into a brick-and-mortar retailer.  People shop to give them a sense of control.  With the restrictions set forth due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Americans had to turn to shopping on-line.  For several weeks across all states, delivery or curbside pickup had been the only option for retail shopping at non-essential establishments.  Even time honored traditions like wedding dress shopping have had to be put aside for safety concerns. Sales in retail fell in record numbers since this pandemic.  Now that stores are able to open, some will survive.  Others will not due to only being able to operate with limited occupancy.  Some owners are asking themselves, will it be worth it to keep the doors open and lights on for reduced business?

How We Shop Now in Dallas

 The re-opening of retail stores in Dallas offers us with a reminder of how shopping used to be.   The reality is, however, the shadow of the Coronavirus threat looming is still out there and on everyone’s mind.  Shoppers’ concerns will drastically reduce stores foot traffic for quite some time.  With the new normal come the presence of masks, closed dressing rooms, shoes quarantined for 72 after guests try them on and a whole lot of sanitizing.  Most stores have also installed plastic shields at checkouts to separate customers from the sales clerk or cashier.

Health Protocols for Retailers to Remain Compliant

 Retailers have minimum standards set forth by Governor Abbott’s Strike Force to Open Texas for both employee and customer safety.  These include, but are not limited to, 6 feet separation from other individuals, use of face coverings, having hand sanitizer readily available to all and having visible signage to remind everyone of best hygiene practices.  And the most important aspect for retailers to be mindful of is the cleaning and disinfecting of products, goods and surfaces customers may have come in contact with.  Initial studies show the virus can remain on some surfaces for up to 5 days.  Heightened and rigorous cleaning and disinfecting schedules will need to be put in place for shoppers to feel safe returning to the stores.

Stores New Challenge

 Retailers must learn the best practices for disinfecting their stores under this new normal brought on by spread of COVID-19.  Owners will need to adhere to a steady stream of cleaning and sanitizing of the high touch areas of their stores.  This is where a reputable staffing company like Trinity Event Staffing could jump ints action.  We are able to provide intense coronavirus disinfecting services that will allow establishments to operate as a COVID compliant store for the public.  Hiring a crew of sanitizing specialists would show a retailer’s concern for safeguarding the environment for their staff and shoppers.

Assistance to Remain Compliant

Trinity’s goal is to be the Gold Standard when it comes to sanitizing and safety.  Trinity’s staff is reliable, neatly groomed and uniformed. Crew member are fully vetted, professional, background-checked and are expertly trained as sanitizing specialists. The company has staff available to take on jobs after hours as well as to sanitize surfaces while customers are in the store thus the need for professional and timely staff.  The presence of a cleaning staff seen on-site by customers would alleviate concerns for all about entering and returning to a store.  Trinity Event Staffing’s team is well trained to be diligent and persistent to ensure the highest quality standards whether they are greeting guest by holding the doors or sanitizing services.